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Our history

Highway Hotel

The building history

Esso Motor Hotel was ready and open 24 hours a day. This soon became a haunt for all the residents of the area. Pop bands, sports stars, celebrities and motorcycle enthusiasts could be seen here.

Esso sold the hotel chain, changing its name to Scandic Hotell. The whole of Sweden flourished with conference facilities and here everything was spinning until the end of the 90s
Route 66 bought the business, but did not succeed with its concept. The movement and maintenance are postponed.

Kicki and Rickard from Härnösand bought the place and renamed it Highway Hotell. It was a good spin, but the price of oil rose to a record high in 2003. It then became impossible to operate, bankruptcy was a fact in December 2003.

Property owner Calle Lundqvist from Härnösand bought the property. He renovated all the bathrooms and switched to district heating. When the renovation was finished in the summer of the same year, Calle and staff started to run the place with a hotel and lunch restaurant.

The Larsson couple from Stockholm bought the hotel and transformed it into a place for everyone with raggar cars and the business is getting worse and worse.

We took over as a family business and things are slowly going up. Many large and small projects are incorporated. During the 2020 pandemic, we closed the restaurant, which is now waiting for a new tenant. The hotel will be unmanned. It is being renovated continuously and we try to follow up on guests' and our own wishes and ideas